Owned by the World's largest regional television network, the WIN Network, Digital Distribution Australia is a 'carriers carrier' delivering managed bandwidth services for video, data and voice. DDA stimulates competition to regional areas having built a broadband network providing broadcasters and telecommunications carriers with connectivity for mission critical services. The fixed infrastructure network reaches every significant regional town between Cairns and Melbourne on the East Coast of Australia. DDA has deployed one of the world's largest microwave radio networks, consisting of more than 8500 route kilometers, with a capacity in excess of 1Gb/s. In addition to microwave route and equipment diversity, the network also incorporates fiber capacity between capital cities and an MPLS platform throughout the network to provide a multi-service capability with guaranteed QoS.

The Network has over 150 Points of Presence and enables customers to select points of interconnect.

DDA major broadcast customers are WIN Network television and radio licensee companies and Prime Media television licensee companies. Major Telecommunications customers are Vodafone and Optus Networks.